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  OUR THOUGHTS At Imaginative Group we’re lucky enough to work with some really amazing clients. Jordan from I Luv Coffee is one of those clients we get to see almost every day, mostly because his shop is less than a block away from our office. Jordan runs...

Pantone Orange 021 C R-254 G-80 B-0 HTML #FE5000 We use Pantone, RGB, and Hexadecimal colours on a daily basis. Almost everyone one of us must use these codes to masterfully display our work in the most accurate way possible in our respective medium. However, its difficult to keep...

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If you're not sure how to move forward with your marketing in the midst of this pandemic, you're not alone! These t…
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QR codes are making a comeback in our new touch-free climate. Are you planning to incorporate them into your future…
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@davidewhite @LndOntRetweets That colour though 😱💙