Greg Plante


Greg started the Imaginative Group business as a place to capture and print high quality photographs. Since then, the vision and ambition of him and his team has caused it to grow into what it is today. Greg has big plans for not just his own business, but for all of Windsor as well.

Client & Team Support

Rob Plante

Project Manager

The day-to-day manager, Rob makes sure everything in the office runs smoothly. All digital press and small format printed material comes through him, so he’s the last person to make any edits or revisions before it’s sent to print. Nobody knows as much about print as Rob does. Sorry Jeff.

Nathan Wilson

Digital Advertising Coordinator

Nathan is the charming, charismatic, and astoundingly handsome face of the business. When he’s not working on a new campaign for clients, he also likes to contribute by occasionally doing some copywriting. As the main editor, he may try to sneak in some wild claims without anyone noticing.

Judith Nappa

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Being the resident “mom” of the office, Judy doesn’t let a birthday go by without baking a cake or some other sort of delicious treat. She also makes sure everyone pays their bills on time. She never gets mad if someone misses a payment, she’s just “disappointed”.


Adrien Jenot

Creative Director

A man that has never experienced a bad hair day, Adrien leads the creative department in crafting the fantastic designs that our clients have come to expect. Even though he perpetually looks like he just got back from a “jolly good bit of sailing”, Adrien is astoundingly down to earth.

Emily Witts

Graphic Designer

In between coming up with some amazingly creative designs, Emily serves the company as the unofficial HR. If anyone needs a friend to talk to, Emily is always willing to step up and lend an ear. The fact that the ear in question is actually a dolphin hand-puppet may be the reason she’s the unofficial HR.

Sarah Wagner

Graphic Designer

The St. Clair College Graphic Design program has proven time and time again that it can produce some of the finest graphic designers in Windsor, and Sarah is further proof of that fact. After finishing her internship with Imaginative Group, Sarah was quickly hired on as a full time graphic designer. Her stellar designs and creativity are sure to take Imaginative Group to new heights. Just make sure you don’t call her Theresa.


Jeff Azar

Large Format Manager

By day, Jeff oversees the large format production department, printing everything from banner stands and posters to photo reproduction and canvas prints. By night, Jeff turns into an avid music enthusiast and talented drummer. Only at night though.

Iain Kennedy


Described by some as “The youngest looking dad this side of the Mississippi”, Iain is the newest addition to the print department. He’s proven he can quickly learn the ins and outs of both Large and Small Format printing, making him an indispensable member of the team.


Cole Speelman

Full Stack Web Developer

Cole’s arrival at the business marked the beginning of a complete change in Imaginative Group’s mission. He brought a wealth of experience and education in web development which has allowed us to provide a more comprehensive suite of services to our clients. Now if we can only teach him how to dunk Oreos into milk like a normal person we’ll be able to let him interact with other people.

Erin Wright

Graphic Designer &
Front End Web Developer

Erin started at Imaginative Group as a graphic designer and photographer, but the allure of designing for digital media slowly drew her more and more into the web department. She now spends most of her time creating the expertly designed websites Imaginative Group is known for. Erin is also possibly the only tall person that actually loves it when you compare her to a giraffe.


Katie Stokes

Social Media Manager

Katie is everywhere, often at once. Between running Blab Media and teaching at St. Clair College, she manages all of Imaginative’s social media pages. She runs on coffee, lives on the computer and takes serious pride in being a self-diagnosed foodie.

Alexandra Latremouille


A graduate of the St. Clair College Journalism program, Alex first came to Imaginative Group as a prospective freelance writer. It only took one meeting to realize that her ambition and personality was a perfect fit with the rest of the team and she was quickly hired on as a full time Copywriter. It may have taken a couple months for “Saturday Alex” to make her first appearance, but what a welcome addition to the team she has been too.

Sales Department

John Taylor

Sales Consultant

There isn’t anyone in the office, or possibly Windsor, who has more experience in sales than John. He always seems to be able to teach something new to everyone in the office. Whether it’s how to control a meeting, or how “sell me this pen” works, John always has some knowledge to share.

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