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Custom Web Applications

Custom1 web applications allow us to build you a system that can grow and expand to suit your needs. This allows us to customize the data structure to fit your requirements while keeping your future in mind. If you’re looking to build a mobile application that interfaces with the data you’ve already collected, you’ll want to ensure that your application base is scalable and easily integrated. We specialize in creating systems that scale, collect the data you want securely, and allow you to access it all easily.

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Complex Forms

Complex forms allow for the ability to charge someone via PayPal, collect more information with selective fields, change the form with conditional logic, or create intensive database lookup fields to enable users to select options (eg. Make, Year, and Model for car selectors).

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WordPress Development

The very powerful Content management System (CMS) WordPress allows for the ability to extend its base code. When your website needs functionality beyond what is available, you can create custom plugins to add what is required. Custom plugins play nicely with all other extensions WordPress offers, and allows for integration with other features. As an example, you could extend the functionality of a Calendar plugin and Property Management plugin to display open house days listed in the Property Page on the Calendar display.

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eCommerce Development

eCommerce sites and plugins are applications that allow you to manage the entire process of selling products online. They manage orders, products, categories, shipping, taxes, and many other integral systems. This allows you to think about how and what you would like to sell, and less about making sure you have receipts. Magento is one of the most popular self-contained eCommerce systems available, powering a significant number of the top 100 eCommerce sites online.

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WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that allows you to extend the base functionality of WordPress to manage online sales as well. Like WordPress, this system can be widely extended via special extensions allowing for custom checkout fields, or event ticket management.

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Website Management

Security is one part of website hosting that everyone understands. We ensure hackers don’t have access to your hosting, files, and customer data. Backups are also an integral part of maintaining your web infrastructure to ensure that no data is lost due to a catastrophic event. These backups allow us to fully restore your website to a recent state so your downtime is kept to a minimum.

Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are open-source, allowing hackers to analyze their targets before attacking every site with that vulnerability. Plugins and extensions are other avenues that open up your site to hackers. Ensuring your base CMS and CMS extensions are up to date and secured with the latest bug-fixes is one of the most crucial parts of website management. Unfortunately, this is one of the most commonly ignored parts of site management, and history has seen millions of websites hacked due to this negligence.

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Mobile Responsive Design

Developers used to create separate sites for mobile browsers and desktop browsers. This allowed developers to selectively display the best interface for the user. However, a group of developers decided to make a system that scales from small devices to large devices without having to redesign the entire interface. Bootstrap, and many other design frameworks, allow for this mobile/desktop friendly development interface, saving you time and money on development. It also makes it easier on users that have different sized phones and desktop monitors.

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding meta tags, descriptions, and other fields that websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo, etc. use to catalog and display smart snippets of information on their indexes. That preview you see when you post a website to Facebook also takes advantage of common SEO techniques to find images, content snippets, and titles. Making sure you take advantage of all of the available fields is the optimization of your website, and often needs to be maintained as technologies change and evolve to utilize more information.

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Visitor Statistic Monitoring

Being able to track your website is a very important part of being online. Utilizing Google Analytics to its full potential is the key to understanding how successful your website is at converting visitors into clients or customers. Successfully integrating tracking is something many businesses fail at, leaving them without crucial data when they need it most.

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Website Hosting

Different web applications require specialized systems to function quickly and effectively. Application servers, database servers, and caching systems are only a few of the key systems you’ll need for a fully functional and dynamic web infrastructure. Proper infrastructure planning can save you time and money when deciding to upgrade, expand, or evolve systems in the future. This can be one of the largest expenses when first developing a web application, but can save you the most time, effort, and money later on.

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URL Registration & Management

Your domain is just as important as the deed to your home. Your domain is what describes where your business resides online and is the face of your website, email, and many other key web systems. Your domain allows you to verify business identity, secure systems with encryption, and give you an online signature that no one else can steal. Many business owners do not fully comprehend the importance of a secure and properly configured domain. We act as virtual property managers to ensure that every part of your online business is locked down.

Having a website that works properly on any device is crucial for any business that wants to succeed. Give us a call to book your web design meeting now.

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