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Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a powerful platform to advertise on. By assessing who your clientele is, we can create and share content designed to enhance their experience on Facebook, while drawing them to your page at the same time. Facebook also has robust remarketing capabilities, meaning those who visited your page in the past will continue to receive ads about your company in the future.

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Facebook Post Boosting

The Imaginative team can help bring even more viewers to your page by boosting posts. By putting money behind this content, we can directly aim it at certain people, as opposed to hoping your followers will find it and share it of their own accord. Once a post has been boosted, it will appear as “suggested” or “sponsored” in your target demographics’ news feed. Our social media team is enthusiastic about this advertising method because it tends to garner a greater return-on-investment than organic posts.

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Crisis Management

Your social media pages should as professional as you are. We monitor all comments that are posted and respond to concerns as soon as possible. If comments become argumentative or are designed to harm your company’s reputation we will address them immediately.

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Contest Management

One of the most effective ways to build client relations is by holding contests. Our social media team can drum up business by promoting community involvement and captivating prizes. We can also collaborate with other businesses to create gifts we don’t have the resources or expertise to make on our own, such as special kits or gift cards.

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Post Schedule

Not having a social media plan can make the process of posting challenging and inadequate. By posting consistently and knowing what kind of material you want to share, your followers will enjoy a sense of routine and have something to look forward to. This does not mean the content has to be the same. Our social media team can help you create a structured, varied plan that keeps your clientele eager for more.

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Campaign Planning, Research & Reporting

Whether through social media posts or special promotions, Imaginative Group can help you make lasting impressions by managing your social media campaigns. We work closely with you to determine what your customers want to see; then we put it together! At the end of the month we generate reports summarizing how your campaign performed to that point and how it can be enhanced.

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Social Media Monitoring

Also known as social listening, social media monitoring involves observing how your pages are faring based on public response. Social media pages of all sorts offer analytics tools to track trends, comments, likes, dislikes, and so forth. It provides us with greater insight into your clients’ behavioural tendencies. Not only does this help us further your campaigns, it enables us to remove or respond to any non-constructive comments that might be posted on your pages.

Having a social media present is a must for any successful business. Give us a call to learn how social media can benefit you.

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