Instagram or Pinterest: an Important Choice for Your Business

Instagram or Pinterest: an Important Choice for Your Business

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most prominent visual social media platforms on the net. This might make you wonder which of the two is right for your business, or if choosing is even necessary. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with wielding two accounts – I mean, you’ve probably got a Facebook and Twitter on the go too – it’s important to use them the way they’re intended to be. Otherwise, you probably won’t get the ROI you’re hoping for.

How Insta and Pinterest differ

Although both use images and video as their primary means of communication, Instagram and Pinterest are opposites in most other respects! Take a look at this dandy comparison.

  • Encourages users to upload their own content
  • Discourages users from including links on posts
  • Has editing software to enhance image quality
  • User base is comprised of an equal amount of men and women
  • Recommends that users add multiple hashtags to posts; 8-10 on average
  • Prompts users to share content from other sources (esp. their website)
  • Encourages users to add links on posts
  • Requires users to edit their images before uploading them
  • User base is primarily female (by about 70 per cent)
  • Discourages users from adding more than a couple of hashtags per-post

What also sets these two apart is their focus. Instagram champions the use of self-generated imagery and storytelling methods to build personal or brand images. Meanwhile, Pinterest encourages its users to share content from a wide variety of sources to start conversations, inspire, and generate web traffic. Both are effective depending on your business goals.

What are my business goals?

Based on what we said, your decision lies with whether you want to generate lots of web traffic or give your followers insight into your biz’s personality. If you want to do both – which is understandable – that’s grand! Like we mentioned, there’s no reason you can’t run an Instagram and Pinterest account at the same time. Well, apart from one, potentially: do you have the time and resources to effectively run both? Because these platforms operate differently you’ll have to create two unique marketing strategies to get the results you’re looking for. If this is currently out of reach, that’s totally fine. It certainly doesn’t mean it will always be the case. Start by using the one you and your team believe will best allow you to represent your business and see where it takes you!





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