Does My Business Need a Wall Wrap?

Does My Business Need a Wall Wrap?

Wall wraps are those funky, enlarged images or patterns you see spanning, well, walls. Although mainly used in commercial spaces they can also be used in residencies as well. They tend to have a more practical purpose in commercial buildings though, since they make great promotional tools.

But let’s stick with their promotional benefits for now. Here are the biggest indicators that it’s time to give your business a jazzy wall wrap.

You want to impress

The desire to please has been getting a bad rap lately (or should I say “wrap?”), since it’s associated with insecurity. But this truly isn’t always the case! An outstanding wall wrap can help you wow others with confidence and give them an excellent impression of yourself.

You want to foster campaign awareness

Unless your campaigns are designed to be subtle, a giant wall wrap could be a great way draw attention to them. Granted they aren’t as far reaching as other print mediums (since they’re stuck to a wall) but they can still make the right impressions to those who stroll into your building. Plus you can post about them on social media to boost viewership.

You want to lift moods

Sometimes colour just livens up a place, you know? Wall wraps can be chalk-full of colour which, as a result, can bolster you and your visitors’ states of mind. We need stimulation to feel happy and standard white or beige walls just don’t always cut it.

Now obviously plastering every wall with multi-chromatic wraps will drive people bonkers. However, when well-placed, they can do wonders.

You want to inspire

Whether it’s to encourage people to work with you or help them realize their own creativity, wall wraps are influential. Since they essentially embody your organization’s values, they’ll help people decide whether they want to do business with you. No, they won’t be the only factor but they’ll certainly give people an idea of who they’re dealing with.

As for the other point I made, it’s true that looking at great art tends to inspire us to make our own projects. So why not leave people feeling empowered by giving them a great wall wrap to look at?

You want something nice to look at

It’s great to have aesthetically pleasing things to look at and wall wraps can certainly fit that bill. Granted, they are an investment and it’s probably a good idea to get one for more reasons than this alone but still, who doesn’t love to look at a pretty wall whilst grabbing coffee or working at their desk?

If you’ve been considering getting a wall wrap, feel free to give us a shout at or (519)-962-1500. We’d love to help you out since we know how awesome a good wall wrap can be. And if you’re undecided, that’s okay too. Your walls will be bare and gloomy but that’s okay, siiiigh.

Just kidding but for real, keep wraps in mind if you ever wanna do something nifty and different with your walls. It’ll be rad.

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