The Importance of Good Typography

The Importance of Good Typography

When independently considered, graphic design and the ability to write well are both regarded as great art forms. They tend to require skill and technique that often takes years to master. So it would only be logical to assume that the combined outcome of these things – typography – would be even harder to master yet also super, duper important. Well, yeah, basically! Although it’s always up to the individual to decide how difficult something is to do, when it comes to typography, you can’t afford to mess up.

I should be clear about something though: typography isn’t more important than other aspects of design or writing. However, it also isn’t less significant. Here’s what I mean.

Fonts have personalities

When you look at different typefaces you subconsciously assign different characteristics to them, kinda like we do with people and animals. For this reason, whether you’re writing a resume or designing a billboard to be viewed by millions, you’ll want to use the right typography. Otherwise, you could risk confusing or losing your audience.

It helps people understand you

Some people assume that typography is secondary to the message being delivered, but the two are actually on par with each other. This isn’t necessarily a logical thing but an emotional one. You want your audience to feel a certain way when presented with your message. Although your message itself should also be impactful, your typeface will drive your point home.

It prompts further readership

Using inappropriate fonts causes people to develop eyestrain after a while. Who wants to keep reading something when that happens, right? On the other hand, well-delivered content that’s easy to digest will keep people coming back. This often…

Promotes brand loyalty

If people love reading your content it’s more likely that they’ll become fond of and loyal to your brand. And the more a person appreciates what you’ve got to say (and how you say it), the more highly of you they’ll speak to their peers. What a great chain reaction!

The benefits of well-constructed typography go beyond their value in promotional settings as well. This study found that after reading pieces with good typography, people proceeded to pursue their own creative tasks with more ease than those who did not. Again, what a fabulous chain reaction!

Creating or finding the right fonts for a project can be a tricky task. It usually involves a lot of research and foresight, since you need to accurately predict how your audience is going to react to your typeface of choice.

If typography is something you’re interested in learning, I’d recommend studying the work of Massimo Vignelli. Among other things, this guy was a master of the typographic art form. Although deceased, you can learn more about him and his work on his website.




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