Why Print isn’t a Dying Advertising Medium

Why Print isn’t a Dying Advertising Medium

It’s 2018 and by now you’ve surely heard this phrase to the point of wanting to vomit: “print is a dying medium.” Well, hold your horses. Yeah, the internet is big and while print won’t win a popularity contest against it, it isn’t altogether out of the game.

This isn’t the first time we’ve boasted about the modern appeal of print but we feel there’s still more we can say about the subject, such as why it isn’t likely to disappear in the near future.

People still love tangible things

Statistically speaking this is especially the case for older demographics but it also holds true for younger ones. Being able to touch and see a pamphlet, letter, or banner gives one a sense of realness that can’t quite be matched by the more fleeting nature of internet ads. We describe this in more detail in that other blog I mentioned above.

You don’t need WIFI to get a brochure

The internet is more reliable than ever before but that doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to crashing. On the other hand, print ads will never randomly disappear on you! You can always throw them away, shred them, or mislay them, of course; but golly, they’re far more likely to stick around when you want to give them a second glance!

That print ad campaign won’t get hacked

Admittedly, it’s not typically the digital ad campaigns themselves that fall victim to being hacked. Instead, it’s the sites they’re displayed on that do. Regardless, you won’t find a single print ad being manipulated or torn asunder by unscrupulous computer jocks.

Print is a great medium for targeting demographics

If your goal is to reach a few specific groups of people through your ads, print can be just as ideal as Google AdWords or the like. Unlike these online methods, though, people are less likely to immediately disregard print ads they see in the mail or out and about. This is because they at least have to look at them before putting them in the shredder, whereas closing an ad-laden tab takes less time and effort.

Print and digital campaigns can be integrated

If you don’t think flyers or banners alone are gonna cut it for your next campaign, don’t worry! It’s common – and often ideal – to combine a traditional and digital approach when advertising your products or services. Unless your project strictly requires using an online approach, print and digital marketing can help spread and reinforce your message more effectively than simply using one method or the other.

There are plenty of reasons not to disregard print as an advertising medium, even in today’s screen-obsessed world. If you’d like to give it a try for your next ad campaign, you can learn more about how our services can help you here.


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