The Wonderful Intricacies of Logo Design

The Wonderful Intricacies of Logo Design

Many logos look bold and straightforward but who says they’re easy to design? Unless you’re a pro – and sometimes even they have to ponder for a while – creating a good logo takes time and precision. It has to please a ton of people, after all, and that’s tricky for anyone to accomplish.

Basically, to create a great logo you have to at least adhere to the following. If your design lacks any of these characteristics it risks not adequately representing your organization. No need to stress though!

Represent your brand

The whole point of having a logo is to give people a general understanding of your brand. You should therefore be able to encapsulate your business’ personality into your logo. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might sound.

The best way to start creating the right imagery is to think about your company’s values and what feelings you associate with it. Ask other team members to brainstorm with you if you want. Then consider what the public, and especially your customer base, wants to see. You’ll still want to stay loyal to what your brand stands for, of course, but if your image is too esoteric for others it just won’t stick.

Use the right typography

Sometimes, as is the case for brands like Coca Cola and Sears, your company name is your logo. Regardless of whether you plan to incorporate an image into your logo or not, it’s important to use the right typography because it’s key to showing your personality.

Good typography depends on a couple of things. First, you should avoid using generic fonts. They just won’t stand out. You can get around this by making custom fonts or at least manipulating exiting ones. Second, use negative space wisely! Having too little will cause your letters will be squished and potentially illegible; too much and you’ll be taking up room needlessly. It’s a balancing act, I tell ya.

Choose your colours wisely

This is another element of logo creation that involves lots of thought (I mean they all do but I digress). As is well-known, a colour is not simply a colour; it’s a gateway to a world of feelings. Each one causes us to feel a certain way, as is noted here in the Psychology of Colour in Marketing and Branding. Understanding how each colour is interpreted will allow you to choose a combination that evokes the right feelings in people.

I suppose it is worth mentioning that not everyone perceives colours the same way. The above guide provides an outline that applies to the general public but it doesn’t consider each and every person’s experiences and how these impact their thoughts about colours. You can’t worry about something this minute though. I’m just putting it out there to say I did.

Stand out from the crowd

I guess this is one of those easier said than done situations but yeah, try to make your logo as unique as possible. Don’t model it after another’s too closely. Apart from risking being accused of plagiarism, it’s not going to help your marketing efforts.

If you’re struggling to illustrate an original logo, try finding inspiration in several existing ones.

Think abstractly

Most of the time, logos aren’t literal representations of the organizations they’re tied to, but rather are symbols of their values. In fact that’s exactly what they are when you strip them down to the bone: symbols. If you think too literally you might miss the essence of your brand, so do some sketching and brainstorming to create something emotionally pleasing instead of something solely grounded in reality.

There’s a lot to logo creation, isn’t there? Yup – and there are a bunch of other things we didn’t mention! If you’d like a hand designing or redesigning your logo we’re here to help. You can find out more about our graphic design work here!

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