#HowToHashtag: A Guide to Effective Hashtag Use

#HowToHashtag: A Guide to Effective Hashtag Use

Oh man, they’re everywhere. Ya’ can’t open a social media page without seeing one of these “#” strolling about.

Yep, they’re hastags and no, they’re not going away any time soon.

Yet despite their ubiquity they’re not always effective. There are loads that are, however, and for businesses it’s practically essential to know what the tips and tricks of proper hashtag use are. First, though, let’s touch on the basics.

What are Hashtags?

And why are they important, for that matter. While their staggering online presence can be annoying to some, hashtags actually provide a significant function, that being to organize topics on social media. Some of them are funny, others powerful, and some downright crazy. Nonetheless, they’re there for a reason: to group related content.

How Hashtags can Help Your Business

So, based on what we just discussed, hashtags are great ways to start a social conversation or chime into one. For example, if you sell fireplaces, you’d benefit from attaching “#homedecor,” “holidayvibes,” or “instamood” (if using Instagram) to your posts. This will help you become noticed by like-minded people or, perhaps, those seeking your products and services.

How to Effectively Use Hashtags

If you’re just starting your hashtagging journey, here are some tips for the road:

  • Be specific. There are millions of hashtags currently in use. If you aren’t clear about what you’re referencing it might not reach the right audience.
  • Don’t be too complex. If you create or use hashtags that are too long people are more inclined to ignore them.
  • Implement tone into them, if possible. Quite often the most effective hashtags are blatantly humourous, sarcastic, or authoritative.
  • Use trendy hashtags when relevant. This is one of the best ways to become noticed by large online communities.
  • Don’t use spaces or hyphens. This might irritate word nerds like me but it’s just how they roll.
  • Use a handful of hashtags per post, especially on Instagram and Twitter. This is another great way to be noticed.
  • But don’t use too many. In case you’re wondering what the threshold is, we’d recommend capping it off at 15-20 hashtags per-post on Instagram, two to three on Twitter and avoiding them entirely on Facebook unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Have fun with it. Hashtags can be a lot of fun to use, y’all! Make the most of it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to #HashtagUpYourLife, we’d be happy to help you. You can find out more about our social media services here.


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