The Importance of Office Swag

The Importance of Office Swag

There’s something so pleasing about using a pen with your company’s logo on it. Really gets those prideful juices flowing. The same can be said about other items emblazoned with your business’ brand image, like notepads, magnets, or perhaps even bumper stickers.

Or you could go even crazier by ordering company T-shirts, golf balls, balloons, baseball caps….Honestly, the sky is the limit.

But apart from creating a few smiles around the office, you might be wondering if there are other benefits to sustaining oodles of branded swag. Well, there are heaps of reasons.

It helps the public identify with you

This is a no-brainer. The more widely promoted your company’s name and logo are, the larger your potential customer base will be. Giving away swag is a fairly cheap, easy way to do this. You can hand it out at events, from your office, or causally in your spare time. And even if not everyone you hand the stuff to buys from you, people are more likely to recommend you since you’re that *insert industry here* company that’s known all over the place. In a sense, it helps foster trust, which is ever-so important.

It’s tangible

Unlike digital or other types of traditional marketing tools, people can relate to you more easily if they have something to grasp. We mean this in a very real sense, as people are more likely to remember something they’ve touched rather than merely seen or heard.

Who knew something as innocuous as a pair of socks could help your business?

It reinforces company culture

Just like wearing your school colours felt so good back in, well, school, slipping on a T featuring your work logo also bolsters a sense of belonging. Not that you have to wear it every day, but if you’re at a laidback workplace event or need a new PJ top, this is a feel-good option. Why? Because it helps you appreciate the unique workplace you’re a part of.

It can help increase productivity

Indirectly, that is. This plays off the previous point in that the more you feel like you belong at your place of employment, the more eager you’ll be to complete tasks. Simply put, it fosters motivation, which is key to maintaining a solid workflow.

There’s always a need for it

Although most of us could go on without branded golf tees, one can never have enough pens or notepads. Ensure your customers never run out by giving them a fresh batch on the house. It might just prompt them to do business with you

Never underestimate the power of swag. Far from being disposable it can actually help build bridges in the work world.

It’s also something we can help you with. If your company has an event coming up or needs a refill on certain office swag, we’d be delighted to lend a hand. For more info, feel free to email us at


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