The Art of “Liking” Things on Social Media

The Art of “Liking” Things on Social Media

Social media is a great place to make connections, personally and professionally. One of the ways social sites allow us to do this is by “liking” other people’s and organizations’ posts.

Oh, it might not seem all that important, but trust us, it is. It’s actually one of the best ways to garner attention and is therefore pretty darn important for businesses to master. But beware: dishing out and receiving this kind of approval is a subtle art, or at least one that can’t be done mindlessly.

So, here’s how to get your “liking” game on-point.

Be Selective of Who – and What – You Like

On social, people judge you based on who you follow, whose posts you share, and what you like. Some novice users lack this knowledge, reaching out to anyone and everyone with a “like-for-like” mentality or to genuinely (albeit unwittingly) build a community.

This isn’t the best approach for a few reasons. For one, your followers will think you’re bonkers – or worse, that your account has been hacked. To prove how unhelpful this approach is, this guy tried liking every post on his Facebook feed for 48 hours. Let’s just say the results were interesting. It actually leads to my second point: your feed will be cluttered with stuff that might or might not be relevant to your business. This will further confuse your customer base, which isn’t ideal, since they’re looking to identify and connect with a solid brand image. Third…just no.

Rest assured that you can still build a great online community if you’re nitpicky about what you like and who you follow.

But Yes – do Like Things

Sometimes, the issue isn’t liking too many people or posts, but too few.

Those who hesitate to show their approval of anything, or create pages they scarcely populate with content because they believe just being on the site(s) is good enough, will by default have difficulty building a healthy community of followers.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about wanting to keep things this tight-knit, just remember that it has consequences, namely that your page and posts will largely go unnoticed. Consider whether this is what you want and maintain or adjust your methods accordingly.

Be Community-Focused

Liking posts associated with local figures, bizzes, and events is a great way to show your followers how community-oriented your company is.

On social, being interested in what’s going on in your area is just as important as posting/ liking industry content. It’s one of the best ways to show your followers how personable your company. This is important because really, who wants to deal with a faceless corporation?

At the same time, don’t feel pressured to show your approval of everything going on in town if it just doesn’t make sense to.

Like Your Company’s Posts

This is especially important if you’re trying to get your business’ page off the ground. Keep in mind that this is not the same as liking your own personal posts. Goodness no. Giving your company’s posts a little boost after they’re published can help your biz garner more recognition on social sties, since its content will be regarded as shareable and relevant.

Important: make sure you like your company’s posts from your personal account. Apart from being a more genuine interaction, this is the only way (compared to the alternative) to boost post engagement. After all, if you like something it’ll appear on your followers’ feeds, making it more likely for them follow suit. What a wicked snowball effect.

As you can see, a lot more goes into liking posts than simply hitting a button. Plus, there are other things about the subject we didn’t even cover here. Stay posted because when it comes to making a name for yourself on social, there’s a lot to discuss.




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