15 Fun Facts about the Internet to Kick-start your Monday

15 Fun Facts about the Internet to Kick-start your Monday

It’s 2017 and by now, a good chunk of the global population are internet users (almost four billion people, to be exact). But how much do you really know about this about this international, digital web of human craziness? It’s Monday morning so why not brush up on your trivia as you wait for the coffee to kick in?

Feel old yet?

The world’s first website is over a quarter-century old! The World Wide Web was launched by HTML creator Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 and is still alive and kicking. It might not look that spiffy but given its age, this somehow doesn’t matter.

Contributors come from ALL backgrounds

In spite of there being almost four billion human internet users, the majority of online traffic is generated by bots and malware, to the tune of 61.5 per cent, according to a study by Incapsula.


About 269 billion emails are sent every day. Sadly, most of these are registered as spam.

70s email-palooza

Speaking of emails, the first email was sent in 1971 by a guy named Ray Tomlinson. Meanwhile, the first spam email was sent by marketer Gary Thuerk over ARPANET in 1978.

Online dating is really “in,” I hear

Online dating is big business, man. It generates about $1 billion in profit each year.

“Wow, I just spent the last 10 hours watching cat videos”

It’s commonly known that the first YouTube video was uploaded on the 23rd of April, 2005 (you can watch it here and have a good little retro giggle). Well, now people watch upwards of five billion videos every single day!


The internet needs about 50 million horsepower in electricity to function.


The internet is so massive, it has physical weight! Mind you it’s about two ounces, which is about as much as a strawberry weighs, but still. This seemingly bizarre calculation was made by physicist Russel Seitz.

Safeguard your sites

About 30,000 sites are hacked every day.

No…it’s not

Approximately 10 per cent of the American population thinks HTML is an acronym for a sexually transmitted infection. What else can we say but “yikes!”

Mean minds think alike

Turns out internet trolls don’t come in all shapes and sizes. Several psychologists have come to the conclusion that those inclined to lash out on the internet have inherent, select traits, including narcissism, psychosis, and sadism.

The real meaning of the “Fi” in “Wifi”

The “Fi” in “WiFi” doesn’t actually stand for anything at all! The creators just thought it would be cool to create a word that rhymed with “HiFi.”

Some of us really can’t look away

As of 2014, about 6 per cent of the world, or around 420 million people, have an internet addiction. Guess shutting off our devices isn’t always as easy as it’s cracked up to be.

The right to browse

Being that billions of people still don’t have online access, internet use has to be considered a privilege and not a right, right? Not everywhere! In 2010, Finland declared internet access to be a legal right.


There’s far more to the internet than meets the eye. As vast as the World Wide Web appears to be, the public can only access roughly .03 per cent of it. The rest is known as the elusive “deep web.”

Of course, there are plenty of other fun facts about the internet we could mention, and maybe we will. But as of now, we should all probably get back to doing whatever Monday requires of us…after I watch this quick cat video.

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