Social Media and SEO: a Dream Team?

Social Media and SEO: a Dream Team?

Sometimes we’re asked whether a business is better off putting more money and energy into social media marketing or SEO. Most of the time we stick to a simple answer: both, equally.

If that seems dissatisfying, or like we’re avoiding the question, we disagree. The two go hand-in-hand, you see. Not that this was always the case, though. In previous years, SEO was primarily used to build links and, while social was mainly designed for individual use as opposed to being a corporate marketing platform (though it did evolve to exhibit both traits in little time). However, these days, the social media and SEO are more entwined than ever.

Good social media and SEO go together

A good social media presence doesn’t directly impact site rankings, yet it can’t be an accident that great websites are usually paired with equally great social pages. This is because social sharing drives traffic to websites. By posting links to great content on your website, you can garner tons of likes, shares, and comments. The more widely known your company is, the more likely people are going to search for it. This is why it’s also a good idea to keep in touch with your followers.

Google registers social pages as it would any other

When you type a business’ name into a search engine, at least one of its social pages is likely to show up alongside it. If you’re able to rank your social page and website, your company holds a strong chance of being highly competitive against rivals.

SEO relies on social media in a local setting

Various sites, such as Google and Ipsos Media, suggest that 80 per cent of mobile users prefer conducting searches on their smartphones when looking for businesses near them. This is why many social websites make it easy for companies to influence their SEO based on searchers’ location. Sites like Yelp show where a company is and lets customers talk about it. As more people discuss your company in reviews and conversations, the easier it will be for search engines to pick up on your site.

It’s important to make sure your business’ geographic location is the same across all platforms. Otherwise, your ranking could be lowered due to being inconsistent.

Social and SEO do have their differences, though, in that they service people unique ways. For instance, SEO tends to help people who are looking for specific products or services. You type in keywords on Google and bam, there they are. This isn’t the same on social media. Instead of getting precise information about an item you’re more likely to find peer reviews and company-to-follower interactions. SEO appeals to active buyers while social is more useful to those focusing on engaging with a network.

In any case, both social media and SEO are valuable. Whether you should use one more than the other can be determined by playing around with them. In our experience, though, you’ll still want to stick with both whether you opened shop a month ago or are a seasoned veteran in your market.

Greg Plante
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