Social Media FAQ

Social Media FAQ

People have asked us a lot of questions over the years. We’re always happy to answer them, which is why we decided to write down our responses to those most frequently asked. Below are some of the most popular questions we’ve received about our social media work, and what we have to say about them.

Why do I need social media?

Social media is the most popular way to communicate with the big wide world these days. If other companies in your industry have social profiles you should definitely have one too. But here are some other reasons to be open to social media marketing (SMM):

  • It’s here to stay. Unlike newspaper and radio ads, there are no signs of social media going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the industry just keeps getting larger, with Facebook alone catering to two billion users as of late June, 2017. So it’s safe to say the people you want to advertise to are on there, which means you should be too!
  • It enhances your brand’s image. Social media is a place where you can directly communicate with your customer base. This can make you seem like less of a faceless company and more of a source of wisdom, information, and entertainment within your industry which can foster trust and loyalty.
  • It lets you reach the people you want to. Most social sites let you target your content to the people you know are going to be interested in it. Traditional advertising platforms can do this to an extent but not with the clarity and precision social enables. In turn, this lets you know how effective your ads are and how to improve them.
  • Social ads don’t always seem like ads. By simply being a source of info and open with your customer base, you can promote what you do without making it seem like “another dumb ad.” Try it out!

How many social platforms do I need to use?

This depends on your goals but generally, we’d at least recommend having a Facebook account. Since Facebook is the king of social and lets you reach lots of people with ease, you’re more likely to thrive there (however, certain niche markets might be more at home on different platforms, such as Snapchat or Instagram, which are highly interactive and visual). Having a supplementary Twitter account is good if you want to be personable and enhance your online customer service. Pinterest is also a wonderful tool for image-based companies who want to show people what they do.

Sites such as LinkedIn and Google+ allow your company to demonstrate its business savvy and keep an eye on competitors.

What should I post?

Whatever is relevant and/or entertaining to your customers. Focus on making them feel good. Generally, using a combination of visual mediums should make your account interesting. Videos, blogs, photos, info graphics – all of these will make your page look interesting. But the most important part is, of course, good content. As long as you can stay up-to-date with what your market likes, you should be fine. Heck, even asking what they want to see isn’t a bad idea every now and then. Try to be as intuitive as you can, though.

How frequently should I post?

That depends on the platform. Generally, we stick to these rules:

Facebook – Two to three times per week, on average; twice a day max.

Twitter – Three to five times per week; three times a day max.

Instagram – Three to five times per week; two times a day max.

LinkedIn – Two times per week; once a day max.

Google + – Two times per week

Please bear in mind that these are averages. Every industry and business is unique, so be sure to take that in account.

Can I post about the same stuff on different platforms?

It’s actually encouraged since you can reach more people by sharing the same content on different sites. You can phrase things differently, of course. You can also share them at different times on multiple platforms, if you want. But because social media is fleeting by nature, a bit of repetition can help your message sink in.

What are the best ways to deal with negative comments?

Most companies have fallen victim to criticism at one point or another. It’s bothersome but it can be dealt with in a professional and effective manner. For instance…

  • Respond as quickly as you can, within reason. People tend to be less irritated when their complaints are addressed promptly.
  • Be as friendly and personable as you can (you can clench your teeth as you type if you want, though).

Do I need to connect with everyone on social media?

We don’t think so. Being selective about whom to follow lets you cultivate the network you want. Even the people you engage with contribute to your brand’s image. So we recommend following people who:

  • Are your loyal customers
  • You are interested in hearing from
  • You’re trying to build business relationships with
  • Are well-known and respected in your community

Another thing to remember is that you can interact with people by liking or sharing their content, not just by following their pages. This can make your own page spicy and diverse.

Do I need to pay for social advertising?

It’s certainly helpful to do so. While organic reach is important it isn’t as successful as it once was. In 2016, it plummeted by 52 per cent on Facebook. By advertising and boosting your posts, your desired audience is more likely to see them (impressions). Naturally, by seeing them they’re more likely to want to click on them and visit your website. This could potentially lead to phone calls or sales (conversions), which might not happen with optimal frequency if you don’t use paid social advertising.

If your company has the budget to pay for social advertising, do it. You won’t regret the attention it will garner.

What can I expect by choosing Imaginative to manage my social media?

You can predict we’re going to do everything we can to make your pages successful.

First, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss your goals. That way we get the chance to know each other and can assess which social package would best meet your needs. For example, we will be able to determine how frequently you should post, what sort of content should be posted, which social networks should be used, and so forth. For more information about our social services, check out our services page.

By working with Imaginative, can we see how much progress our pages make?

Yes. Every month we provide our clients with reports that outline how well their social pages performed during that period. Most sites offer analytics software that allows us to see what’s working and what isn’t, which we would then review with you to discuss which next steps need to be taken.

How involved do I have to be if Imaginative is managing my social media?

As much or as little as you want. We’re always happy to work alongside our clients to create the perfect campaign plan for them. If social media is completely foreign to you, or if your time is better spent elsewhere, we’re more than comfortable completely managing your social media account for you. We offer different options based on how involved you want to be.




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