Behind the Scenes Interview – More Windsor

Behind the Scenes Interview – More Windsor

More Windsor has been one of the most massive and exciting marketing campaigns we’ve had the privilege of working on. Recently, a few of us decided to sit down to discuss out involvement in the project; but we got so caught up in the discussion there’s simply no way we can fit it all in one blog! So, behold the first part of our newest behind-the-scenes blog series.

Alex: How did More Windsor come to be?

Nate: It began as a discussion between Imaginative Group’s owner Greg and Debi Croucher, from the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association. Since then, it has evolved into a collaborative effort between the BIAs to market to the people of Detroit and its surrounding areas who, 15 to 20 years ago, were coming over all the time but now aren’t nearly as much. This is a way to show that Windsor still has a lot of great things to see and do.

Alex: Would it be right to say this is one of the largest campaigns we’ve worked on so far?

Cole: It’s the biggest in terms of how many people are involved in it. Dealing with every single BIA in the area is quite interesting.

Nate: This is the biggest cross-media campaign we’ve worked on. Radio, web, social, search engine marketing – it’s huge.

Alex: Has the project been overwhelming at all?

Cole: We were playing with the user interface and layout of the content more than usual. We really wanted to guide visitors to certain parts of the site and make it as easy to navigate as possible.

Erin: In terms of building the More Windsor website, it’s certainly been a new experience. Unlike others we’ve made the focus is making it a hub for blog posts and sharing information. So, just trying to figure out how to organize those blogs in the best way has been a challenge.

Nate: From the content side of things it was like a boulder. It took a lot of work for things to get rolling, but once it was started everything got a lot easier.

Alex: Love to hear that the momentum is there! How can we keep it going?

Nate: I imagine maintaining it won’t be as hard, now that the campaign has launched. We’ll make sure it keeps going forward, as long as content keeps coming in, which doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

Erin: The fact that it’s live is the main thing.

Cole: Yeah, if you can touch and taste something it just feels that much more real and is easier to get excited about. Actual production versus just writing a blog and not seeing any results for a while is obviously going to get people pumped up.

Alex: Do you think Americans will respond well to the campaign?

Nate: I think so. I think this will garner interest in both Americans and Windsorites alike. This campaign allows us to show people what’s going on in Windsor, which is what they really want to see. Getting the information out there in a way people want to see is the crucial part – and it’s what we’re doing.

Cole: Showing people we exist and the cool stuff we have in the area – and that it’s stuff they’re interested in – is really important. A lot of Americans who just don’t know about us might think they have to travel hours north while in reality, there are excellent camping grounds just 20 minutes away in Windsor, Leamington, or Amherstburg.

Nate: Plus the cost-difference for things like golf between Windsor and the States is insane. The diversity of golf in Windsor and the surrounding area is just great. The same goes for the events we’re receiving from the BIAs. I had no idea some of these existed and yet they’re here and deserve to be known.

Cole: Plus, showing an interest will help the event hosts increase their budgets by being able to forecast, making the following years and events even better than ones previously held. It really helps them plan ahead. Even being able to see an influx of traffic on the website helps. We can gain a lot of information from the website and that’s one of the benefits of running a site like this.

Alex: Ya know, we’re a really self-deprecating community. What’s up with that?

Nate: I don’t know! It’s really unfortunate because we have so much to offer! All those things people used to say about us – that “we don’t suck as much as you think” or “there’s nothing to do in Windsor” – are completely unnecessary and wrong. There are tons of things to do in Windsor.

Cole: And we’re getting a lot more too.

Nate: Yeah, but people just don’t know about it because it’s not being advertised properly.

Cole: You should absolutely be promoting your business, even before it launches. There’s so much interest that could be garnered. People love finding new places in Windsor. You could have an awesome launch date just by sparking interest over social media and Google My Business.

Alex: Do you think the campaign could more or less run itself if businesses actively promoted themselves?

Nate: Yes and no. What we’re doing is coordinating all of the BIAs’ promotional efforts so they’re not competing against each other. It creates consistency, which is generally more effective, especially because we make sure they’re not bidding against each other.

Cole: When someone pays for advertising they’re not just buying the advertisement itself but they’re bidding against their competition. So if all these BIAs are trying to bid for one weekend and they’re doing so against each other, they could realistically advertise both of them for the same price on the same website and get better return by putting a bit of cooperation into the mix.

Alex: But so far everyone seems to be working well together and we’ve seen a lot of interest and participation from the BIAs.

Cole: Yeah, I think now that we have the BIAs working so closely together, things are really looking up. Windsor has been thriving lately, and I think this campaign stands to accelerate the process.   

Alex: Absolutely.

The next portion of our behind the scenes interview will cover the design aspects of the More Windsor project. We’ll keep you posted!

Alexandra Latremouille
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