Behind the Scenes – Canada 150 Poster

Behind the Scenes – Canada 150 Poster

When we made our first For Gratis poster last August, we knew we had started something special which, above all, would help us polish our creativity while giving back to the community. Our newest poster, marking Canada’s 150th birthday, is also the final installment of our twelve-part series. Saying that brings joy and sadness, since the project has been a part of our office for, well, a year. And just like its predecessors, we had a blast creating this one.

It went something like this:

To celebrate Canada 150, we decided to put our own twist on its flag. Sure, it’s still a red maple leaf on a white background, but the leaf itself is where things get wicked. This marvelous specimen belongs to a mighty maple tree from Shannon Falls, BC. We wanted to maintain its elegance, so we decided to photograph it instead of redesign it in an Adobe program. However, Sarah, one of our designers, made an assortment of thumbnail sketches to determine the general layout of the piece before her co-worker Erin brought out the camera. Once a design was chosen we were ready to shoot.

After being transported from the SD card to the desktop, the image was sharpened and adjusted in Photoshop. To capture the minimalist, bold, vibrant feeling we were going for, the photo was given a bright red hue and placed on a white background. No need to complicate things, eh? This also allowed it to represent our national colours, which was really a must. All of this was done in Adobe Photoshop while the text, a simple “150,” was added in InDesign.

And that’s it. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our For Gratis series. We certainly did. Now it’s time to see what new adventures await us as we swing into the second half of 2017.


Alexandra Latremouille
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