The Value of Print in the Summer

The Value of Print in the Summer

Summer is widely regarded as a time to kick back, and for a good reason. That humidity can knock anyone off their feet. Notwithstanding, businesses can use this relaxed time to engage their clients with fun promotions. Summer also offers something the other seasons don’t in their entirety: the weather for outdoor events and gatherings. What better way to decorate your booth than with fabulous prints? If you’ve been missing out on this opportunity to wow your clientele with something as simple as ink and fabric, now is a great time to get print work made for the summer.

In a previous post we discussed the power of print in a digital age. Its tangibility and relative timelessness render it a refreshing break from the fleeting nature of online advertising. Still, it has to be used correctly to have this touching effect on others. Even though people interpret things differently there are ways to capture your target audience’s attention and keep it where you want it. But I betcha didn’t know this could be done with banners, flyers, or rack cards.


Banners (outdoor and indoor) can essentially express your business’ core values and brand image in one go. Or, if you want them to be used for more timely purposes, you can too. Their relative inexpensiveness and durability also render them a good investment. If you frequent community events in the summer, banners can help you promote what you’re offering and who you are. As if they aren’t already win-win-win options, banners also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Summer is also an opportune time to replenish your supply of biz cards, pens, and other stationery. Even mugs. Who says print has to be flat? As we enter the third quarter everyone needs to fill up on supplies again. Maybe even adorn them with new designs? It can certainly be exciting to revamp your logo or advertise on new material. Plus, if done well and appropriately, it will give your customers a reason to return. But do heed the “if done appropriately” part. Redoing things for no apparent reason and too often can create a sense of inconsistency and confuse your audience. Remember: print is the tool, not the message.

We’re advising you to give the old ink-to-paper a try because it can help expand your customer base (ie. Those who did not grow up in the digital age will find something to appreciate), promote brand awareness, diversify your marketing campaigns, and so forth. Plus everything else we mentioned. And even if your company isn’t one to prop up a booth at the next local fair, you can still add signage to the front of your building or tastefully decorate indoors to give your workplace a unique vibe. Never underestimate that. One of the primary components in making your business personable and easy to work with is demonstration of personal charm and character.

Show everyone your company’s pizzazz by getting print work made for the summer. You might just new and loyal clients return again and again.





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