Originality and Creativity In A Connected World

Originality and Creativity In A Connected World

At Imaginative Group we are always striving to be one of a kind. One might even say it’s our job. But like any career that begins and ends with ideas, creative blockages can happen. One such hindrance is the idea that you need to strive for ultimate uniqueness while on the job. This is practically impossible.

For instance, let’s look at graphic design.

Our eyes can see about 10 million colours. There are a seemingly infinite amount of shapes in our known world. On top of that, there are thousands of typefaces currently in existence. So you’d think, since the limitations are so far out there, that it’s possible to have an artistic style that’s completely your own. But with millions of graphic designers around the world right now – and loads of others who are deceased – it’s quite likely your masterpiece will have been drawn before.

What’s the big fuss about newness, anyway? I guess it goes back to the notion that having your own style will make you successful. It’s one way of setting yourself up to be the best in your field, to be the genius who enlightens the world with your creativity. This idea, although silly when spelled out, has kinda been engrained in our minds. When taken too far the concept of wowing people with one’s uniqueness can seem more important than being original just for the heck of it. And so it becomes apparent the whole dilemma was never about surpassing the limits of imagination at all. It’s about satisfying our egos, which can never really be done!

But this is pretty obscure. In reality, very few people take this concept to that mind-breaking point. Still, it can hurt when an idea you’ve worked on for ages is brought to the world by someone else first. There’s no way to prevent this, either. But you can take what they do and improve upon it. It’s what creative evolution is based on: taking someone else’s ideas and dressing them up in different clothes. Even if your spin isn’t completely new it can seem fresh to a lot of people. Not everyone knows what you do. No individual is exactly like you either. So there’s a lot of room for practical creativity in this world, which involves mixing and matching concepts that have been toyed with by humanity for millennia.

The idea of true originality is trippy, though. I wish I could tell you what it looks like but no one knows! Philosophically, it’s jazzy stuff. However, you might not find it necessary to contemplate while on the job.

If you want to have a blast in your creative career just keep going. If you find yourself loving what you do this won’t be too tough. The longer you do this, the more you’ll be propelled to stretch your wings and do things your way. Who cares if someone else’s way resembles yours? Your job isn’t to relentlessly track what everyone else is doing; it’s to happily and unapologetically do you.

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