Client Spotlight: Snackbar-B-Q

Client Spotlight: Snackbar-B-Q

Snackbar-B-Q is the only truly authentic contemporary barbeque experience in Windsor. Their urban setting showcases downtown Windsor’s unique cultural identity. The free jukebox also contains almost 50% local music, so you get to listen to your favourite Windsor bands while enjoying your favourite Windsor food. Snackbar-B-Q is committed to making any night out on the town an unforgettable one.

Chef Jim Renaud began his barbeque journey many years ago. After spending time honing his skills at many local fine dining restaurants, Jim made his personal goal to be the best barbeque pit master he can be. Snackbar-B-Q’s Canadian style barbeque represents Jim’s craft and his desire to make people happy eating slow smoked goodness.

Snackbar-B-Q follows in the great smoking traditions that have been passed on over the years. The high-end smoker they use gives their dishes that authentic barbeque taste. Their goal is to bring together the best of all barbeque styles and create something uniquely their own. The Snackbar-B-Q approach is simple: use quality ingredients and don’t mess with them too much.



There are 3 things every restaurant website must have; business hours, location, and menu. The hours and location must stand out, especially on mobile. Most of the time, when people are looking for a restaurant on their phone, they’re looking for a place to go within the next few hours.

When designing menus, there’s a lot factors to consider.  It needs to be easy to read, and the material should be appropriate for its required use. Having to replace high quality menus to change out one item can become costly very quickly.  The customer’s eyes should be also drawn to the dish that is the most profitable for the business.

The Snackbar-B-Q logo needed to be reflective of their bar atmosphere and meticulously smoked barbeque perfection. We chose a more unconventional typeface for this design. The rough edges were modified to give them charbroiled look, and small tweaks were made to certain characters in order to improve long range legibility for the restaurant signage and printed material. It’s loud, bold, and fun, just like a night out at Snackbar-B-Q!

The Snackbar-B-Q subway tile logo is a testament to the amount of dedication our designers put into every job they do. At first glance the logo doesn’t look like it was hard to do, after all, there are many templates that allow you to put your written content in. This design, however, was built almost entirely from scratch. Every single tile was cut individually from the source picture, re-coloured, and then inserted into the new image. Whenever we talk about the creativity of our designers, this is still one of the first images we look to.


Doing design work for a restaurant with such delicious looking food is difficult, especially around lunch time.  Somehow ignoring their appetite, our design team has created some of their most outstanding pieces while working on Snackbar-B-Q. We’re proud to have them as a client, and we look forward to their continued sauces…I mean success.  I’ve been looking at their menu while writing this and I’m starting to get hungry.

To find out more about Snackbar-B-Q, and to check out their menu, visit their website here

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