Client Spotlight: Workforce WindsorEssex

Client Spotlight: Workforce WindsorEssex

Workforce WindsorEssex is the Local Employment Planning Council for the region.  Through research, they work to identify local employment and industry trends. They also gather local labour market information which impacts Windsor and Essex County.  Workforce WindsorEssex works to recognize these trends so that the community can make informed decisions related to changing careers or educational paths. Their research also gives people a glimpse at what jobs of the future may look like and how they can prepare for new and emerging industries.

The information Workforce WindsorEssex gathers is released in a range of resources and tools to start the conversation locally with all residents of Windsor and Essex County.

business-card-mockup-workforceFor the new Workforce WindsorEssex logo, we incorporated elements like the arrows from the old logo and upgraded their existing colours. To start, we properly converted them to industry Pantones  3272 and 293 to match as closely to their existing colours. Legibility and existing brand recognition was one of our main concerns during the re-design process.

The logo itself was designed with movement in mind. The type chosen is lowercase, which makes it more inviting for people. The idea behind the arrows in the “o” was to rejuvenate the concept of the old logo and to reinforce the idea of a cycle. It also helps convey the idea of movement and progress.

The overall objective of the design was to update the logo while still leaving it recognizable to people. It was also simplified so it can work well across a variety of media, including web and print.

bannerstand-mockup-workforceWith their logo completed, Workforce needed new marketing materials that represented their revamped branding. Aside from the usual print, they also wanted something for events they attended. They needed something that was portable, easy to use, and still looked professional. We suggested our roll-up banners as a solution to their requests. Once rolled up and packed, the banners are surprisingly light and compact. They can also be set up and taken down by one person in less than a minute.

When printing the banner itself, we needed to get that professional look that Workforce Windsor Essex wanted. We used their new colours and logo, combined with quality material, to create a product that everyone loved.

At Imaginative Group, we love working with companies that strive to improve the state of Windsor and Essex County. They’re a great help to small businesses like us. The Workforce Annual Report is also a bit of rite of passage for our designers. You’re not truly a part of the team until you’ve taken a turn working on the Annual Report.

Workforce WindsorEssex engages with many community partners. You can become a part of the conversation by contacting or visit their website here.

“A great deal of our work is numbers, figures and statistics.  Imaginative Group has created numerous resources and creatives for us which make labour market information exciting and appealing to anyone who picks up a report, bulletin or poster.  They worked hard to understand us as an organization and are sure to include Workforce WindsorEssex’s personality in any project that is completed.” – Tanya Antoniw, Executive Director

Manufacturing Day will be held on Friday, October 7th. Manufacturing companies will open their doors and host tours across Windsor and Essex County. MFG Day addresses the common misconceptions about the manufacturing industry by allowing an opportunity for companies to show students and educators what manufacturing is, and what it isn’t.

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