Client Spotlight: GW Foundation

Client Spotlight: GW Foundation

The GW Foundation was started by the brothers Ryan Wilson and Gary Wilson Jr. The foundation was started in memory of their father, Gary Joel Wilson. Gary was an avid sports player. He played recreational football and baseball, and he would never turn down an opportunity to go out golfing. His true passion, however, was playing hockey as a goalie.

Gary wanted his children to have the same opportunities he had. He always worked hard to make sure his sons were able to play all the sports they loved. Gary believed that playing sports was about more than just playing a game. It teaches things like respect, commitment, and dedication.

Gary Wilson passed away in 2003, and his sons started the GW Foundation to help continue their father’s legacy. They used the money raised by the charity to give children in need the opportunity to play the sports they loved, just like their father did for them.

Gw Foundation Mac MockupThe GW Foundation needed a way to inform people of upcoming events, as well as a source of information for anyone that wanted to learn more. The website was designed to be accessible to people that might be interested in participating in their events. The latest news and upcoming events are the first things visitors will see. Getting involved is now easier than ever because of simple contact forms and event registration.

We made it easy for people who are already a part of the foundation to find what they need. Pictures from recent events are hosted on the gallery page, and any donation news is featured on the main page. Any businesses that have partnered with the foundation also have an area where they can be showcased.

In the first year after Gary Wilson passed, Gary’s brother Jason and friend Randy decided to go golfing on the weekend of Gary’s passing. They thought it a fitting tribute to Gary, so they grabbed the boys and some friends and went out golfing. It became an annual tradition, and they started raising money through it to donate to Riverside Hockey in order to sponsor a family for Christmas. The golfing tournament formed the basis for what would eventually become the GW Foundation.

gwf-logo-golf-2016Imaginative Group has been fortunate enough to be a sponsor of the GW Foundation Golf Tournament for the last three years. We design and print any promotional materials they need, such as flyers, sponsor signs, banners, and save-the-date cards.

We always look forward to GW events. They’re guaranteed to be a lot of fun, and it’s helping support a great cause. We’re glad we can get to help out by supporting the wonderful people that plan and run these events.

To learn more about the GW Foundation, or to get involved, check out their website here

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