Client Spotlight: Pro Trades

Client Spotlight: Pro Trades

Pro Trades provides mechanical services to clients throughout Windsor, Essex County, and Chatham-Kent. Besides plumbing and electrical services, they also provide HVAC repair and maintenance. Their technicians are trained in pioneer technologies, such as geothermal heat pumps. They can also do metal fabrication at their own fabrication shop in Windsor.

We’ve worked with Pro Trades for many small jobs over the years. When they opened a second location in Ridgetown they came to us to help them step up their advertising. Pro Trades saw great value in our unique brand of advertising. This led to a partnership that would greatly benefit all parties.

web_tabletmobile_mockBefore launching any ad campaigns, we had to create a responsive website that provided all the needed information and was easy to navigate. As with all the websites we create, we paid special attention to mobile compatibility. During our research we noticed that their old website was accessed by an unusually high amount of tablet users, so ensuring it was accessible on any device was especially important.

Upon completion of the website, Pro Trades approached us about running some market research on potential clients and new markets. Unfortunately, that information isn’t available through Google Analytics. Instead, we proposed the idea of having a survey on the site. The only problem was that almost no one volunteers to filling out a long survey. We suggested adding incentive through a contest to win a free water heater with free installation. We also used a conditional form to shorten the number of questions we would ask in the survey. The information we gathered was instrumental in improving their ads and gaining information about their new location.

Pro-Trades-Web-ad-2Pro-Trades-Web-ad-2Pro Trades needed a way to promote both the water heater contest and the fact that they were now operating in Chatham-Kent. Conventional marketing was far too expensive for running two campaigns at once. Our AdWords Specialist did some research and proposed creating Display Network ads. The budget was far lower, and the reach would be just as effective. Pro Trades was happy with the idea and we got to work creating the ads.

The Chatham-Kent and Water Heater contest ads were a great success! The amount of impact that the campaigns had surprised both Pro Trades and ourselves. The campaigns ended up so far below budget that we were able to run them for an additional two weeks after we expected them to end. Even the Search Network ad, which we created because it was quick and cost effective, had an amazing return.

BillboardWhen pitching ideas for ad campaigns, we like to create mock billboard ads to show the client what it would look like on a large scale. They loved the ads so much, that we decided we had to make it happen! We ended up having the opportunity to partner with a business in our community that deals with billboards. They said they were interested and we began the process of creating the ad and having it installed.

There were multiple billboards run, some in Windsor and some in Chatham-Kent. The objective of the Chatham-Kent ad was to inform people that Pro Trades was now able to provide service in their area. We used the ad in Windsor to create greater brand awareness in the city. The similarities between the ad and the graphics on their vans was very deliberate, as brand recognition should always be top-of-mind. We wanted to make sure Pro Trades became the household name they deserve to be.

Animation1The amount of trust that Pro Trades placed in us has been greatly appreciated. It allowed us to experiment with new advertising methods and designs that have helped us grow our own business. They also place a lot of faith in our creative team, giving us lots of room to work our creative magic. The ideas we propose to them are always well received. One of those ideas was “The Pro”, the animated handyman seen here.

We love working with Pro Trades, and we’re sure you’d love them too! To learn more about Pro Trades, or to get into contact with them, visit their website here.


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