Client Spotlight: Tiki Sushi

Client Spotlight: Tiki Sushi

You will never have a dining experience quite like Tiki Sushi. No other restaurant or sushi bar has the same old, obscure movies playing behind a tattooed chef who could be making sushi one second, then switch to Tiki tacos or octopus salad the next. It’s not just the experience that’s unique either, the taste is also incomparable. There’s no sushi or seafood that can be as fresh as Tiki’s, mostly because there’s no one else located right next door to Windsor’s only fishmonger.

Ted Dimoglou is not your average sushi chef either. He’s a Red Seal certified chef with over 18 years of experience working with seafood and sushi. Ted likes to mix Mediterranean and Spanish ingredients with Japanese dishes to create something wholly unique.


The people at Tiki Sushi are so much fun to work with, so when they proposed the idea of doing an 80s inspired photo shoot we jumped at the opportunity. When Ted and his staff came into our office it looked like they came right out of a Molly Ringwald movie. After the photo shoot they told us to make the images even more 80s, so we completely filled it with as many laser beams as we could fit on it.

When we started on the website we knew we wanted to create a video for the home page. Our photographer went out to Tiki Sushi and shot videos of Ted on his motorcycle and making sushi, not at the same time unfortunately. Afterwards we combined the videos with some shots of people eating at the restaurant to create something that evokes the spirit of Tiki Sushi.

web_desktop_mockTiki Sushi’s website was one of the most fun and interesting websites to design. Their landing page is a cornucopia of 70s and 80s pop culture references. Every time you go to the site you’ll notice something new. To be honest, I never even saw “The Warriors” graffiti until revisiting the site for this article.

The function of the website was made to be extremely simple. We needed to quickly answer the questions “Where are you?”, “When are you open?”, and “What do you have?”. We accomplished this by making the navigation easy and not cluttering the screen with information. The location and hours stand out on the page, and the menu is easy to access.

Working with culinary masters like Ted and his staff certainly has its perks. Whenever we decide to get food for the office, Tiki Sushi is always going to be the option that everyone can agree on. To learn more about them, and to see that awesome landing page, check out their website here

“Imaginative Group is perfect for me. They’re easy and extremely helpful to work with when it comes to developing ideas. Whether it’s menu layout or website design, Imaginative is my one stop shop for all of my media needs. Thanks Imaginative Group! You rock!” – Ted Dimoglou, Chef/Owner of Tiki Sushi.



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