Electron App Framework

Electron App Framework

Electron is the solution to many years of programmers complaining about cross compatibility issues. Gone are the days of having to rewrite your app in a completely different language. Never again will we limit ourselves to one operating system! Users rejoice at your favourite app releasing across all your favourite devices at the same time!

Electron is an application development framework that allows you to create in staple web languages. It lets you code, package, and release your app on Mac, Linux, and PC without having to adjust for the particular nuances of each operating system. By using the same languages across the board, you’re saving exponentially. Electron effectively brings the compatibility and ease of web applications to desktop environments.

Electron has produced some monumentally popular software in the past, such as Slack, Visual Studio Code, and Basecamp 3.

There are many advantages to using a development framework like Electron, many of which particularly benefit small development teams.

Smaller and Fewer Teams With Better Understanding

Electron allows you to package your application for any desktop operating system, which in turn saves you the trouble of having many teams working redundantly on the same features. Now the same code you wrote for PC will work just as well as it does for any Mac or Linux machine.

With a comprehensive team to work with, changes can be communicated easily. This will alleviate some of the growing pains often faced by scope creep in an agile development cycle. By shortening the time it takes to complete a development cycle, you’re better able to serve your clients and users with application updates.

When working on a large project, it’s often difficult to see outside your own tasks and view the project as the bigger picture. Ideally, everyone on the team would have a full working knowledge of every part, but that isn’t often possible. By segmenting teams by language or operating system, the process gets even more difficult. By sticking to the same frameworks and languages we’re able to minimize this separation and strive towards a full project understanding.

It’s much easier to find bugs, create fixes, and release updated software when everyone has the same code. In the worst case scenario, some of the business logic the application is based on is buggy. A bug like that could affect numerous versions of your software. By using the same code across platforms, you’re able to make fewer revisions and release fixes faster.

A Sea Of Web Frameworks

Web languages have seen a growth spurt in recent years. They’re evolving into open-source frameworks to help template and bootstrap applications quickly and efficiently without losing functionality. With JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, React, and many more, there couldn’t be a better time to build a web application. Electron now lets us take full advantage of these JavaScript frameworks to use in our desktop applications.

To make things even more simple, the back end of Electron is built using Node.js, the event-driven server-side JavaScript environment. As a result, we can develop almost the entire application with one language! Programming workflow has never been so simple.

Web and Desktop Power Combined

Electron allows us to take advantage of all the frameworks offered to web developers in desktop environments. We can then use the local file system to serve large files, use advanced caching, and store settings locally to mention a few useful application building techniques. By using these techniques we’ll be able to achieve improvements in speed, efficiency, and scalability.

If we’re not serving hundreds of the same graphics or style files, we’ll free up bandwidth for data processing and server response. This means that we can create distributed applications to serve many more app connections than a typical web app would. As the server load decreases, the overall usability of our applications will increase as well.

Cost Effective Development

Software development is now much more accessible to smaller organizations and teams. With just one skilled developer you can create a fully functional desktop application. All of these benefits count towards a cumulative savings that can make or break a project. From servers and infrastructure, to development updates and bug fixes, Electron is sure to be a cost effective solution to developing desktop applications.

Reading and writing about emerging technologies is always exciting for me, but this one really caught my attention. I personally can’t wait to start developing desktop applications using Electron.


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  • Lars
    Posted at 20:40h, 23 October

    Your electron-logo asset has a box around the actual logo with a different color.

    • Cole
      Posted at 10:42h, 14 December

      Thanks for the feedback Lars! We’ll look to update the image and get that cleaned up now.

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