Client Spotlight: Bondy Insurance

Client Spotlight: Bondy Insurance

Bondy Insurance is a family owned insurance brokerage that has been operating in the LaSalle area since 1963. Starting from an old farm house and selling insurance to their neighbours, Bondy Insurance now provides insurance to nearly 4,500 clients throughout LaSalle, Windsor, and Essex County. They’ve also upgraded their office to an exquisite looking building on the corner of Maple Street and Front Road.


Throughout all of the changes, including the handing over the reins of the company from father to son, the core beliefs have never changed. They still find the perfect coverage for their client’s specific needs, and they provide a personal touch in everything they do. That was exactly what we wanted to show when we re-did their brand.

We geared the brand re-design around their established brand, which has been a big part of the LaSalle community for over 50 yrs. We kept the key features of the existing logo while updating the typeface to a more modern look that would work across all media platforms.

Changing the appearance, while keeping the core of the brand, just like Bondy does. Bondy and ourselves are very happy with the results and we look forward to many more accomplishments and success in the future.

Bondy_Desktop-MockupBondy Insurance needed a new platform that would allow them to explore online marketing and social media to advertise their services and expertise. It also gives their clients one portal to get all of the information they would need about insurance changes in Ontario.

We revamped their old online forms to make them easier to navigate, fill, and send to the correct broker. Smart forms helped shorten response time, reduce lost emails, and reduce time spent forwarding emails around the office. This means a better overall experience for clients and staff.

The site design was carefully crafted around providing the most pertinent information as quickly as possible. This has helped bolster the site and we’re very happy with the response we’ve been getting from visitors.

It’s great for us to work with a client that shares so many of the same beliefs we do. They also share a lot of the same tastes, especially in coffee.

To learn more about Bondy Insurance, check them out here

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