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Pantone Orange 021 C R-254 G-80 B-0 HTML #FE5000We use Pantone, RGB, and Hexadecimal colours on a daily basis. Almost everyone one of us must use these codes to masterfully display our work in the most accurate way possible in our respective medium. However, its difficult to keep...

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@imaginativegrpMar 20
Having an understanding of psychology can help you engage your social media followers in incredible ways: https://t.co/q7wSIXNTiu
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@imaginativegrpMar 10
In spite of the growing prominence of digital advertising, print won’t be going away any time soon: https://t.co/sk6sjPnMgo
Imaginative Group
@imaginativegrpMar 06
In the world of graphic design, 2017 is shaping up to be a bright, bold, and lively year. Check out this article: https://t.co/EAdCaYzyPP