Imaginative Group Behind the Scenes – Distilled in Windsor

Distilled in Windsor

Imaginative Group Behind the Scenes – Distilled in Windsor

We at Imaginative Group love trying new things. Since the beginning of the year, you might’ve noticed our Windsor posters have been branching off into different concepts and styles. This month, our creative juices really started flowing, resulting in our first, three-part For Gratis series: a digital-photographic tribute to Hiram Walker.

Imaginative-Group-March-Poster--GIFHiram Walker is a huge part of Windsor and was on our radar for a long time. Yet it was the recent news of its Canadian Club Brand Centre’s closure that really prompted us to start doing it justice artistically.

The project was not without its obstacles. In the beginning, we wanted the image to highlight Hiram Walker’s main office building, which would’ve been created using a vector-built pattern. But this ultimately didn’t come to form.

Our lead designer, Adrien, then decided to create three digitally manipulated photos showcasing different parts of the facility. We don’t want to jump the gun by revealing what April and May’s images are, but we can certainly discuss March’s.

After scanning through historical reference photos, our photographer, Erin, went out with a keen eye to capture similar shots of the building. This month’s is straight-on and assertive, framing the entire staircase that snakes up the side of one of the buildings. But the photo itself wasn’t enough. To make “Distilled in Windsor” true to its name, our designer, Emily, added layer-upon-layer of Photoshop distortion affects. So if it seems a bit trippy and a tad, well, distilled, that’s why.

Once the image was manipulated to a satisfying degree, it was time to wrap everything up. This polaroid-esque tribute was a delight to work on and was also a great avenue for us to develop new skills and stretch our artistic limbs.

Alexandra Latremouille
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