For Gratis: March Posters Available Now!

Hiram Walker Poster

For Gratis: March Posters Available Now!

Over the last few months we’ve focused on the local culture of Windsor. Things that may make Windsor interesting, but are only truly appreciated by the people who live here. Things like the Jackson Park Fighters , the Spirit of Windsor, and of course, Feather Hat Man.

This month, however, we’ve dedicated our time to put an artistic spin on a business that has had a significant impact to the growth of Windsor. We don’t want to give away just what the subject of the poster is, we want our followers to try to spot it themselves. Good luck!

Check back soon for a Behind the Scenes look at what went into the making of this poster, and the special plan we have in store for the next few months.

The March Posters are available starting Thursday, March 2nd. Stock is limited, so stop by to grab yours while you can! We look forward to seeing you.

Nathan Wilson
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